Growth Hacker Training (EN)

In this course, you will learn growth hacking to launch your business with a focusing on digital marketing, mainly through workshops.
In the process, you will learn about analytics, which is essential for running the kaizen cycle, and you will challenge the certification of web analystics consultant.
More than 40,000 people have taken the Web Analystics Consultant exam in Asia, and more than 60 companies nationwide encourage their employees to obtain the certification. If you can acquire the certification, you will have more opportunities to find employment as a digital marketer in Japan and other Asian countries.
In addition, those with excellent grades will be able to obtain internship work with the Japanese Association of Web Analysts and opportunities to take the Advanced Web Analyst course.

Study Contents

  • Web Analytics Consultant courses and exams
  • Analysis of target users, competitors, and your own business
  • Utilization of Google Analytics and other analytics tools
  • Social media promotion and acquisition of target users
  • Creating landing pages, official websites, and web forms
  • Content marketing and social networking to attract customers
  • Regular PDCA cycle for kaizen and optimization

The class will use the LMS Moodle by teams and will be an on-demand course centered. Students will share their ideas and research with each other to enhance their knowledge and business plans.
Each person’s high quality output will enhance the class as a whole.

This course is designed for students with no knowledge of HTML, programming, or digital marketing, and will be taught only with free and easy-to-use solutions.

Prerequisite Courses

The course is designed on the assumption that the student understands how Internet programs work. The course is designed assuming that the student understands how Internet programs work.

Knowledge and understanding:
Knowledge and understanding of web analytics to understand the market, how to attract customers digitally, and how to acquire leads and sell products, with the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in business, as well as operational experience.

Thinking and Decision Making:
Understanding the user and pursuing UX, differentiation from the competition, and the ability to make decisions that allow you to make selective and focused business decisions

Interest and motivation:
Constantly exchange information with colleagues and instructors on user psychology, insights, and the latest business trends through this course.

Skills and Expressions:
Ability to flexibly use business frameworks, digital marketing solutions, and offline user observation/surveys to create successful business models.

Able to carry out agile, bottom-up lean model projects by planning and kaizen (PDCA cycle) to achieve goals.

Objectives of this course

Technical capabilities
Technical capabilities to launch services in line with the market and receive orders

Business design capability
Business design capability to build a highly unique business model

Information Sensitivity
High information sensitivity to gather and share the latest information about users and business

Research Experience
Accumulated experience in conducting effective user and competitor research

Kaizen experience
Accumulated experience of agile bottom-up kaizen in projects


Midterm and final exam
Submit business plan and website, articles and kaizen report

Attendance in class
Online training scores
Submit weekly reports (post articles about the lessons learned)

Marketing capabilities
Number of traffic and website results for articles you have built

Passing the Web analytics Consultant Exam

Course Fee

80,000 yen (88,000 yen including tax) per student

Includes Moodle (LMS), video and live classes for each of the 16 courses, and grading.
Web analyst certification exam and textbook are not included in the cost.

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